Our Mission & Vision

Since its inception the College seeks in its constant Endeavour to disseminate knowledge about the subject and object of choice the student’s desire. The aims of the Chandrakona Vidyasagar Mahavidyalaya is as follows:

  • To make the College a centre of excellence for College level education.
  • To establish intellectual quotient of high standard with powerful ideas.
  • To have student centric curricula with the assistance of the stakeholders of the College in generating optimal employment.
  • Digitization of the whole system with implementation of e-governance in administration, examination & financial control.
  • To impart greater stress on scientific skills & training with employable Expertise catering to the needs of the dynamic society.
  • To produce a self-reliant generation changed with nationalistic fever in Communal harmony with integrity.

The mission of the College is to spread education called reached to the unreached especially for the underprivileged people with the purview of the nationalistic view. Higher education for all with in the 2020 is our prime motto by rendering degree level education in these vast areas that are far behind from the light of learning in formal education.
Keeping with the vision and mission of the college, we have added new subjects that are offered to the subjects, thus keeping in mind, the aspiration and need of the students of the area. Future plans: The College has plans to open Bio-science stream & Honors in the Philosophy & Education from the forthcoming session.