Governing Body

Members of the Governing Body of the College

1. Mr. Arup Dhara , M.L.A President

2. Prof. (Dr.)  Manoranjan Goswami

Principal & Secretary


3. Mr. Ramkrishna Roy Government Nominee


4. Mr. Anit Paladhi Government Nominee


5. Mr. Surjakanta Dolai Government Nominee


6. Dr. Susanta Dolai     University Nominee


7. Dr. Rupa Dasgupta University Nominee


8.     Mr. Ranjit Dandapat Donor Member


9. Dr Subhrajit Dutta  Teacher's Nominee 


10. Dr. Indadul Khan Teacher's Nominee 


11. Mr. Sudarshan Chakraborty Teacher's Nominee 


12. Mr.  Shovanlal Charakraborty

Non Teaching Staff Nominee