Prof. (Dr.) Manoranjan Goswami

On behalf of Chandrakona Vidyasagar Mahavidyalaya, I heartly welcome you all. Chandrakona Vidyasagar Mahavidyalaya, the first College affiliated to Vidyasagar University came into existence long back in 1985 and since then it has been catering to the educational needs & requirements of the weaker sections of the society dwelling in the far flung villages hamlets & thorps of the area incorporating two or three blocks & even beyond that. Mainly the scheduled caste , scheduled tribe & minority communities of the non-creamy layer flanked by the other category candidates come to the College with a view of taking education & the institution in return to their expectation has to some extent come up to their expectation which can be seen in their career advancement, professional placement & promotion. A College situated in a township area but so antique and historical in its terracotta temples full of sculptures & figurines has a legacy & heritage of its own. It is the place where in the adjacent high school Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar came to inspect and enrich otherwise and our College too named after this great educationist & social reformer who tried to eradicate child marriage, Sati system and favored the widow remarriage system.

Even in our College ground, there lies an old heritage temple with the idols of Manasha & Shitala carved out from Neem logs as a testimony of that historical continuity and tradition interconnecting the Burdwan and Bishnupur kings and their lineage. Even within limited resources with the help of donations and charities tendered by noble-minded people, first the Pass courses were started with the subjects as such Bengali, English, History, Economics, Pol. Science & Philosophy and the opening of these really worked wonders for the rural and the semi-urban people residing in this area. There after the Honours departments as such Bengali, English, History saw the light of the day one by one. The College got the 12B & 2(f) from the recognition from the UGC in 1994 as for to enable it for getting financial assistance without which the College would not have grown to such a position. Again the opening of the Computer Science added a new dimension to its spectrum & horizon of its studies. It got a new impetus when the honours departments were opened in Physics & Mathematics. The establishment of Chandrakona Vidyasagar Mahavidyalaya has really benefitted the wards and candidates of the weaker & middle class sections of society, with a major chunk of it incorporating the scheduled caste, scheduled tribe & minorities which can be seen in their education & development. As an institution of higher education, to our wonder and astonishment it can be marked that the girls outnumber the boys as students of our College which we are really very proud of and hold it in high esteem with our loyalty and reverence in imparting education to them as for gender equality and their social status without ant prejudice, bias or discrimination. A few of the students have done their M.Phil. degrees under the guidance of our College Teacher and the Ph.D Programme is going on registered from other University which is but a research extension. Many of our Students are highly placed and well settled if the data is perused and pursued. A few of them have cleared GATE, NET & SET, School Service Commission, College Service Commission, W.B. Primary Teacher Recruitment Examination etc. Now the college has installed smart class room in various departments. The college library is fully automated. Modernization of Laboratory, distinguished and dedicated faculty members, efficient support staff are assets our college. This prospectus brings into the students overall information about our college.     

May God bless us all!

Dr. Manoranjan Goswami,